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Media140 Live Blog

I caught up with Kevin Anderson, one of the panelist for the event. We chatted about Media140 in general as well as MPs Expenses, a question submitted via @matt_willmott.

The closing piece of the day comes from @JeffPulver via a live skype chat.

The third panel of the day is discussing how local news is changing. @Documentally had a fascinating discussion with Gerry Jackson Of SW Radio Africa, follow the link to learn more.

Sorry guys, went dark on you for a while, distinct lack of power outlets at Media140.

Second panel of the day: Frontline Journalism with Twitter

Guy Degen is up (@fieldreports) an Australian freelance journalist based in Germany. He covered the Georgian protests as well as the shootings in Germany. Utterly fascinating stuff, this is what the Real Time Web is all about!


@kevglobal discussed his experiences covering the US Election through social media. Kev discussed his frustrations pre social web and the differences today. Kev also described how Twitter helps break social barriers, gave a great overview of the US elections.

Great panel for this one. @Suw is discussing how she organised the Ada Lovelace day

Going into the first panel session of the day.

This panel is titled “the 140 character story”, the contributors are all from pretty mainstream media, BBC, Sky etc so its fascinating to hear how these guys are using Twitter.

@mikebutcher just broke some news about Nick Brown MP discussing an election will happen in the summer… Nick Brown nolonger has a twitter account (or job?). A classic case of Real Time Web breaking news, just needs verifying. ;)

The panel have some interesting thoughts regarding the speed of breaking news.

The panel opened to questions, lots of very interesting points including:

# How will Twitter make money?
# How will the next gen of jornos learn their trade if traditional journalism is dead?
# Is there a danger those not on Twitter will miss news?

Keynote from Pat Kane, @theplayethic

Pat Kane, 45, was one of the founding editors of the Scottish Sunday newspaper, clearly a Dick Tracy fan. Pat is the classic old media turned new.

Some great tips for traditional jornos looking to get into social media. Pat presented a number of points to think about.


And we are off… Ande @dailytwitter is giving an intro. No Smoking y’all

Its really getting busy here now, just had a quick chat with the very nice Bill Thompson (@billt)



Media 140 Sponsors – 6 Consulting

Just been chatting to the very nice guys at 6 Consulting, a Media 140 event sponsor. The have a pretty awesome set of tools for interrogating Social Networks.

Interview with @dailytwitter at #Media140

Setting up Media140

Made it to the brilliant Iris building on Londons Southbank, currently setting up the event.

Uploaded a few photos to the Flickr Group


Traveling to #Media140 – Twitter and Red Funnel Ferries

As a lot of people know, I live on the Isle of Wight, this always makes traveling fun. However this morning while getting ready to go to a Twitter conference it really dawned on me, Twitter has become so ingrained into my life its a little scary.

The very first thing I did this morning was to check the @redjets twitter feed to see if the service is running correctly.

BTW: Big kudos to Andy Stanford-Clark for setting up the twittering boats.


media140-lbWelcome to the Media 140 Live Blog.

I will be updating this page throughout the Media 140 event which commences Wednesday 20th May. As with all live blogs the latest news will be at the top of the page.

For more information, and ticket availability please visit:

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