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About Ben


So you have probably clicked this page because you want to find out a little more about me, well oddly I also want to know more about you! So the first thing to do is say hello, you can just add a comment to this if you like!

Lets start off with work, that’s probably why you are here, this Blog is really a collection of my various thoughts pretty much revolving around what I do for a living, which is e-Commerce. I work for the UK’s largest e-Commerce packaged software company, Actinic. The official title is ‘Director of Product Development’ which basically means I look after everything from the continued development of our products, the top secret stuff, some support and quality.

If you want to know more about how I got into this, the British Computer Society recently interviewed me about it.

I also write a little, I answer the ‘Big Question‘ in everyone’s fave internet mag .net as well as contribute to Business Zone and other industry blogs.

Outside of work I am married to the love of my life Emma we have a daughter Daisy and a cat called Willy. We live on the Isle of Wight which is that silly little blob of land at the bottom of the UK.

I am a passionate supporter of technology and how it changes peoples life or business, if you have something you think I should know get in touch!

If your into the social aspect of the web here are some links to my online ‘stuff’:

Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, Last FM, Digg, Flickr… I am sure there are more!

  1. Saw you Twitter about the IW tech meet up. Been thinking about the same for a while (but not got around to it) – love to be involved.

    898 777

  2. wighthandman permalink

    raised th same on and yahoo groups wighcompclub luv to come in but not much to contribute in tech but open source orientated rather han windoze especialy ubuntu or pclinuxos

  3. Hiya..Ive just booked 3 tickets for the Twestival for my father In law and two friends (Sahnklin Town Councillors/ Shanklin Hotel association etc)

    Get back to me if you want another auction item (weekend break B&B)

    I also Dj at The Black Sheep as the Ryde Underground and am associated with the Hipshaker events, so if you need any future entertainment, let me know



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