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HDD Destruction Test

May 31, 2010
I had an almighty tidy up in my office today. I think its the first time in about 5 years I have gone through everything instead of just moving things about! In the bottom of a box of bits I found three 250GB hard drives. All span up, two lasted an hour before failing while another carried on all day. On all three disks there was an absolute tonne of data, nothing particularity interesting but enough to make me think about my own data security.

In the old days when I used to work for BAE Systems when a HDD was decommissioned we took them in a secure box to our local scrap metal dealer for crushing. We would then send the crushed disks off to the MOD where they recycled them into warheads, or something.

As this is just personal data I thought I would put them through a quick destruction test, three different disks, three different manufactures; Fujitsu, WD and Maxstor. The test involved hitting them as hard as possible with a lump hammer, congratulations WD, you sure do make a tough HDD.

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