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Day two in India

May 18, 2010
So its day two in India and a few things have stood out from my second trip to this fantastic country.

First Chennai has drastically changed in the 15 months since I was last here. A lot of the old buildings have gone, in their place are steel and glass cathedrals to IT. This however isn't a bad thing, if anything its added a certain charm to the city, next to a multimillion pound building employing hundreds there is still a random Ox and hut. Secondly there are probably twice as many cars on the roads, the cars have replaced bikes, which have replaced rickshaws. The good news is the local government here are being very proactive in putting in more public transport with a sky train being built as I (literally) type.

Daz (Actinic QA manager) and I decided we would head out of the hotel after work to explore a little, we were trying to find a mythical bar called "Number 10 Downing Street". Heading out of the hotel is like walking out of the garden of Eden into the most mental place you could ever imagine. The traffic and road structure in Chennai is like nothing I have ever experienced, unless you have seen it for yourself you simply wouldn't believe it. We spent ages looking for No. 10 before stumbling into a local resultant, fantastic food, dodgy beer and all the cockroaches you could eat, seriously, they are persistent little fellows. 

On the walk back to the hotel we discovered No. 10, wow, what a place and to make matters even better every Tuesday night is ROCK NIGHT! I have a theory that every night is rock night, however I'll let that pass for now.

All in all its been a great trip so far, both personally and more importantly from a business perspective, hugely rewarding to be with the team.

Right, time for bed x

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