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Ian Dunsire, PPC for the English Democrats replies to my mail regarding #DEBill

April 19, 2010

Last Monday I send a fairly simple email to all the candidates standing for election on the Isle of Wight, on Friday I received my first reply from Ian Dunsire the PPC for the English Democrats.

Here is the email in full:

Good Afternoon,

I am a voter from the Isle of Wight and I was wondering if you could tell me about your views on the following points:

1. Digital Britain and specifically the recent Digital Economy Bill

I’m concerned that the Digital Economy Bill has been rushed through without the chance for full debate about the issues arising, particularly summary action being taken by ISP’s to disconnect subscriberssuspected of copyright infringement – whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I do have sympathy with performing artists not having their efforts and talents fairly rewarded but I’m not sure that all the contents of the Bill are justified.

2. Political reforms at Westminster

The English Democrats are pushing for an English Parliament – our 55 million people have no voice of their own – Scottish, Welsh & Northern Irish MP’s continue to sponsor and vote on laws that only apply in England – many of their own laws are covered by their devolved assemblies. As Island MP I would sponsor a Private Members Bill to stop non-English MP’s voting on our laws – a first step towards an English Parliament! We favour an elected upper house – perhaps this becomes the UK Parliament leaving the Commons to become the English Parliament – I certainly do not want any further levels of government! MEP’s should go because we should leave the EU and stop Government from Brussels.

3. Supporting Small business and fostering entrepreneurship in the UK
My wife and I ran our small business for 20+ years and I feel passionate about removing the red tape eminating from Quangos, Government, EU, etc. that is stifling all sizes of business.
My vote depends on your answer, I’ll probably also post your replies on my blog, unless you ask me not to. (so no pressure)

Many thanks,

Ben :)

So there we go, Ian Dunsire supports the argument for debate. Shame about his views on Europe and Political Reform, but I guess the clue is in the party name.

More as I get it (or don’t).

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