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What are your first impressions of Google Wave?

February 3, 2010

I answered .net magazines Big Question:

Google wave has made me feel, well, sea sick. After sitting through the colossal 80 minute demo I was sold, I can now summarise my feelings into two words: EPIC DISAPPOINTMENT

First things first, Wave is basically glorified IRC. I spent ages hunting for the secret sauce, the game changing functionality or the hidden menu that said, “I’ll do your work, take the day off”. I couldn’t find it, maybe it will be in the production release.

I had fun with a few of the plug-ins … for about three minutes. This was with the only other person I knew that had an account, the poor lost and wandering soul.

The thing that has irritated me more than anything is the terrible way it’s been rolled out. My life is run via Google apps, my team are spread all over the world and team chat is done via Skype. I can’t think of a more perfect case study. Sadly, I’m the only one with an invite.

I understand the concept of beta software. I also understand the idea of building excitement though a limited availability. However, given the massive hype, the under delivery and the poor execution, I wonder if Google do.

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