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Do we finally have an iPhone killer in the Nexus One?

January 4, 2010

I answered the .net Big Question:

I hate the term “iPhone killer” – it’s far too easy a label to attach to any smart phone launched within the last two years. However, this time around I think the boys in Cupertino have a real threat on their hands. Apple has had a pretty easy ride up till now; the closest competitors have been the various Android devices but even Google is happy to admit it has been slowly testing the water. Nexus One however is a major step forward for Android and I am hoping the various nips and tucks in the latest OS will really make it stand out from the smart, sorry, super phone group.

There are a ton of devices hitting the streets this year and they all have their own unique features. I have a Nexus One on order but the rumours about Windows 7 mobile and the Sony Android phones are also pretty exciting. However, in my opinion the biggest threat to the iPhone is Apple itself.

Let’s not forget the OS and hardware is now about three years old, that’s an age in tech terms. Yes it’s getting huge market adoption but I think it’s looking like a fairly tired piece of kit. Apple will need to refresh the line this year, and with strong competition from almost every corner of this crowded market it’s going to have to be something special.

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