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.Net Magazine – Issue 184

December 21, 2008

net184cover130I answered this months “Big Question” in the worlds fave internet magazine .net:

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What impact do you think online activity had on the US election?

The US presidential election has been fascinating to watch and a marketing masterclass from both parties. This time around technology has played such an integral part in the race for the White House, it’s become as much part of the story as the candidates themselves.

Through the use of viral YouTube videos, micro blogs and blogging networks such as Twitter and WordPress, the candidates reached a considerably bigger audience than the traditional commercial TV market, and for a fraction of the price. The Obama camp especially has to take huge credit for the way it mobilised its online troops and effectively sold the vision.

For me the most exciting thing of all was the empowerment of the individual voter. In elections past, if you disagreed with something a candidate had to say you only really had the TV to shout at. This time around it’s never been easier to publish your thoughts. One site I fell in love with was ‘Hack the Debate’, which took a live video stream from the presidential debates and overlaid a real time feed from Twitter. It was compelling viewing, and exciting that anyone and everyone could take part.

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